The Steel Season 2 Episodes

The Steel Episode 1:

Backstage with Greg Smith/Ted Nugent
Nick goes backstage with Greg Smith at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut. Greg is the bass player for Ted Nugent and he took us from tour bus to stage!

The Weaversville Inn, Northampton PA
Brian is at the Weaversville Inn in Northampton, PA. Not only is he there to cook and taste the food, but also to look for some friendly ghosts!

Woolfie learns "England"
Woolfie is hanging with Dylan from England and exploring English food terms!!! Can he decode what Dylan is talking about? Tune in and see...

The Steel Episode 2:

Backstage with EMQ
Brian is with the Eric Mintel Quartet during their recent visit to the Lehigh Valley. EMQ has performed by invitation at the White House and United Nations in NYC. Brian has a few surprises along the way.

Off the Road and Brew Day
Nick is with "Off The Road" at Brew Day and going behind the scenes to see how this band hangs out when not touring.

Pole Dancin' Woolfie
Woolfie is at it again and this time he's working out with the ladies at Sweat Like A Girl in Allentown!!! Will he be able to hang??? Tune in and see...

The Steel Episode 3:

91.3 WLVR Lehigh University
Nick goes behind the scenes of college radio 91.3 WLVR and talks with the students who are responsible for its daily operations. He also checks out "The Cup" and scoops up some work.

The Scorecard, Wind Gap
Brian has his bags packed and is at it again...This time he's at The Scorecard and checking out everything that they have to offer. Hey careful and don?t get burned by a pumpkin!

Lehigh Valley Steelhawks
Woolfie never seizes to amaze us week in and week out...Here he works out with the Steelhawks! Will he make the team? Well tune in to see if he makes the squad or ends up in the stands as a fan.

The Steel Episode 4:

The Polka King!!! Jimmy Sturr
Nick hangs with 18 time Grammy Award winner Jimmy Sturr and checks out where this "King of Polka" lives! It's a rare glimpse to the inside life of the man, myth, and legend...Jimmy Sturr!!!

Crystal Springs Resort
Brian and The Steel crew get a little "Mancation" after working at the Vernon Valley Oktoberfest. Tune in as Brian takes you from the golf course to the water slide and everything in between.

Gothin' Woolfie
Woolfie gets gothed up by Tim Vassa and then puts his own band together! Who's in it and what are they called? Check it out to see!!!

The Steel Episode 5:

Backstage with Toxic Sunshine
Nick is going backstage with Toxic Sunshine to see first hand of what's involved with opening up for a National touring act.

Down on the Seiple Farm
Brian is down on the farm, in fact, The Seiple Farm to checkout what's going on with the Fall festivities there.

Party Crashin' Woolfie
Woolfie shows up uninvited to a seven course meal that Brian and Nick are at. Tune in to see how it goes down.

The Steel Episode 6:

The Secret System
Nick is with the The Secret System band helping them to get to Penn's Peak. Will he do it or fall flat on his face

Brian the Lumberjack
Brian is at the Shawnee Mt. Timber Fest where he goes behind the scenes and proves his manliness with the Lumberjacks.

Wild Woolfie at Wing Off
Woolfie is at the Shawnee Mt. Wing Off to try the hottest wings. Will he complete his mission or go through an all system shutdown.

The Steel Episode 7:

Chris Caffery's New Hot Sauce!
The Steel samples Chris Caffery's new hot sauce "Tears of the Sun" at Hacienda Mexican Restaurant in Goshen, NY where owner Rico and head chef George put it to the test! They even make a drink out of it too!!!

Nick Jams with Chris Caffery
Nick sits down and talks with Chris Caffery about his musical career. He even has the guts to sit down and jam with Chris. Can Nick hang with the Big Dog or will he be sent to the porch? Tune in and see!!!

Woolfie and "The Scorpion Sting"
Woolfie is at Nello's Specialty Meats in Nazareth, PA where he runs into the world's hottest pepper...The Trinidad Scorpion!!! Will he hang? Or get shot down like he did at the Wing Off at Shawnee Mt. in episode 6?

The Steel Episode 8:

Rock Drumming Legend Carmine Appice!
Nick sits down with Rock Drumming Legend Carmine Appice at the Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA and talks about his career and contributions to rock music.

Sorrenti's Cherry Valley Vineyard
Brian heads up to Saylorsburg, PA to visit Sorrenti's Cherry Valley Vineyard where he finds out how wine is made. He also slams down some of there new brick oven Pizza from their Pizzaria

Woolfie and The Poker Run
Woolfie is down at ArtsQuest where he is checking out a great fund raiser, but will he get himself in trouble doing so?

The Steel Episode 9:

Kevin Soffera's New Digs and Studio
Brian and I hang with three time gold record recording artist Kevin Soffera!..We checkout his new house and recording studio that's located right in our own Lehigh Valley!

Chowin Down With Kevin
Kevin takes us to two of his favorite restaurants he enjoys when he's not banging on the drums all day!

Woolfie Does "Sashi"
Woolfie is at it again and takes another food challenge to the next level! What does he do this time? Click and see!!!

The Steel Episode 10:

The State Theatre Easton, PA
Nick heads to the historic State Theatre in Easton, PA where it's all access allowed for him and The Steel Crew!

Brian and Eric At ArtsQuest
Brian heads down to ArtsQuest to check EMQ, but this is no ordinary gig. Check it out!

Secret System At Penn's Peak
Nick gets to Penn's Peak to see the Secret System open for legendary rockers Blue Oyster Cult! It's a behind the scenes that is you don't want to miss!

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