The Steel Season 2 Episodes

The Steel Episode 7:

Chris Caffery's New Hot Sauce!
The Steel samples Chris Caffery's new hot sauce "Tears of the Sun" at Hacienda Mexican Restaurant in Goshen, NY where owner Rico and head chef George put it to the test! They even make a drink out of it too!!!

Nick Jams with Chris Caffery
Nick sits down and talks with Chris Caffery about his musical career. He even has the guts to sit down and jam with Chris. Can Nick hang with the Big Dog or will he be sent to the porch? Tune in and see!!!

Woolfie and "The Scorpion Sting"
Woolfie is at Nello's Specialty Meats in Nazareth, PA where he runs into the world's hottest pepper...The Trinidad Scorpion!!! Will he hang? Or get shot down like he did at the Wing Off at Shawnee Mt. in episode 6?

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